Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to you, "Moe"

Today is Moe's ninth birthday. My how time does fly. It's unreal that nine years ago today I was recovering from my first childbirth and my newborn son lay in the NICU. He has been one of my most challenging projects to date.

It's been quite a while since I last posted. Our home computer is sick, sick, sick. So, we/I got a new laptop on Thursday night. Satellite reception has been a bit screwy since then with all the bad weather so I haven't been able to even get online until now.

We rode the train down to Slidell a couple of weekends ago and then headed over to Baton Rouge for the long weekend with grandparents. While there, Moe had a surprise birthday party with neighborhood friends and cousins. We also attended a great LSU basketball game. It was Curly's first time in LA. We had a fun weekend.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My, oh, my... time does fly. I can hardly believe it's been so long since I last posted. But, then again, I can hardly believe we are already one week into February. How did THAT happen?

We have been sick with the crud for about two weeks at least. I say, "we". Really, Curly has had it worst. I have taken him or called the doctor at least four times in the past two weeks but he's had it for at least a month. They keep telling me that there is nothing they can see wrong with him. Nothing they can "kill or cure" as the doctor put it. However, I know with my mother's heart that there is something not right with my little baby. He has a horrible, terrible, gagging cough. I have done everything they've told me. Suctioning, saline, elevating, humidifying, Vick's baby rub. Finally they told me to use an OTC cough med which helped MY horrible cough for sure but doesn't seem to be touching his. Big Stooge said to give it one more day before we call them back. I just read a blog from a church acquaintance that her daughter has what her doc called a cross between pneumonia and bronchitis. I think the difference was fever. Curly may have had a fever off and on but if he did it was very, very mild fever. So, anyway, I just am hoping whatever it is backs off soon. It has been pretty scary a couple of times when he starts to cough and can't seem to stop. His whole little body shakes and his face turns red. He always tells me it hurts afterwards. I swear. Nobody believes me that this baby talks but HE DOES! We had a very meaningful conversation just a couple of days ago. He'd say something and then I'd say something and then he'd reply and we had this back and forth for at least five minutes.

Today was the last basketball game this season for Larry. He finally made a basket. He'd been SOOO close several times. I teared up because he'd said on more than one occasion that he'd like to "just make one basket this season". Then we went to the church next door and raced pinewood derby cars with the scouts. Neither of our guys won anything but we thought they should've gotten an award for hardest worker or something. It was pretty obvious that the other kids' cars had so much more adult help than ours. We want them to do it mostly for themselves although we always help them cut. I'll post pix later. At the library. Or whenever I can get to a computer with a port for my memory card. This old fossil isn't compatible with new technology. I need to post new pix soon anyway since Curly will be five months old in two days. Can't believe it.