Saturday, August 22, 2009

Welcome to my world

It's been a long time since I've posted. Life happened. My children are older, school has started back, work has begun, and I am sleepy. Most of the time. But it's ok. Surely by the time Curly starts elementary school he'll be sleeping through the night, right? In his defense, and in my denial, he has had some issues. Like his first ear infection. Big Stooge took him to the doc yesterday b/c his school teachers had said he hadn't been his happy smiling self for the past couple of days. (Believe me, I'd noticed!) And the doc said he was starting in a big ear infection. If we hadn't brought him in [yesterday] we surely would've [today]. I had the doc check him out last week when I took Larry in for his eight year old checkp up b/c of a cough and runny nose and he said it all looked fine then. But thankfully, we were able to start w/ some medication before it got way bad.

And I am just today taking his eleven-month-old picture. Now that he's almost a year. Oh well. It was the toughest one yet. He didn't want to sit OR smile OR be beside his dinosaur. So what you get is what you get.