Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Winding down

Can't believe April is almost over. Only three more weeks of work before the summer. Looking forward to the pool and playing and training Curly to sleep through the night. Got a haircut today. Actually not a good one but that's ok. It'll grow back fast enough. At least it's off my neck, just doesn't seem to have much style. Not much to this post. Can't really think right now. Just felt obligated to put something down "on paper"? for some reason.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is Risen!

Happy Easter! We have had a wonderful day. I made communion bread for church last night and it was pretty fun. I apparently made enough for today and next Sunday as well. I was told to double the batch which apparently was quite enough. We were assigned one month at a time. I picked April to maybe give Curly enough time to get into a routine so I could manage better. Last week we were still in Lent so we didn't even do communion. Next time I make it I hope to not be waiting until everyone is asleep so the boys can help me. I think they'll have fun.

We awoke to some filled Easter baskets and I think the boys were pleased. Curly sure was interested in the goodies in his. I tried to snap a few photos of the boys together since the last group photo I had of them was back in the fall. We had an amazing service at church and then after lunch had an Easter egg hunt at a friends' "new" house. Larry found two prize eggs and even Curly found an egg (with a little help from Big S. When we got home the boys played with the neighborhood kids in various yards while B.S., Curly, and I had a much needed nap. Now we're all just chillin'.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

spaghetti dinner

My seven month old, as of tomorrow anyway, apparently has no idea he isn't a big kid, or even an adult for that matter. He has decided that he should be able to feed himself whatever anyone else is eating. Never mind that he has no teeth or that he has yet to eat anything that isn't mush. After downing his baby food tonight and complaining the entire time, I just gave him a spoonful of noodles all cut up. He didn't say another word. Just tried to eat it all himself and didn't mind when they stuck all over his hand. Boy oh boy. I think we're in trouble!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So normally I am not a worry wort (or wart, hmmmm, don't really know what this word means so I can't know if I have the correct spelling...guess I'll chalk it up to "doesn't matter"? sorry, my ADD kicked in). But Curly has had a cough for simply months. I remember back at Thanksgiving being concerned about his cough. It eventually developed into bronchitis for which we got a strong antibiotic and he was fine. For a while. A short while. So now the cough is back in full force and each time I take him to the pediatrician I am assured that his chest is fine, i.e. they don't hear anything with a stethoscope and his ears are fine, i.e. no infection. But he still has a horrible, nasty, persistent cough. I've called in between times I've taken him in and we've been advised to try allergy medicine and cough/cold medicine. I've done both. Both knock him completely out so that he sleeps stone cold still and doesn't cough...until he sits upright or wakes up.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oh the blessing

I am so proud of my boys. For all the crap they put me through on a daily basis, I wouldn't trade them for anything. Moe and Larry are really growing up. They've become obssessed with Paul Simon. Whenever they ride in Big Stooge's (borrowed) car, they crank up the PS way loud on the CD player. And yesterday they had it playing all afternoon as they drew their comic book in our room. So, this a.m. while Curly and I still slept, Larry put on the PS and shut the door and just lay and listened until we woke up. For clarification, Moe was spending the night at a friend's and Big Stooge was not home. We've been mostly sleeping in the guest room for reasons unknown for the past few weeks so Larry was sleeping in "our" room. But Larry had the presence of mind to close himself off so as not to awaken Curly and me. I was blessed by his thoughtfulness although I always knew he had it in him. Guess it doesn't always have a chance to break through when he's in survival mode with big brother, Moe.

Love you, Larry! You're a great man

Saturday, April 4, 2009

one more video

Random photos

Oh, these are fun. I keep trying to get all three boys together in one photo but the two older ones act like fools and won't smile right when they are together. So, here's a couple seperate. Moe went to a hockey game with Big Stooge and Uncle Stooge the other day and came back with blue hair. Then Larry and Curly were being sweet so I snapped a couple of them, too.

Sports day

We were finally able to play our games (mostly first of the season) today and the weather was gorgeous. Last weekend was completely rained out. Although we messed up and scheduled baseball and soccer together we're trying to juggle and work it out. We'd hoped that Moe's soccer games would alternate between morning and afternoon start times so we wouldn't have a huge issue with his baseball games. As luck would have it, all baseball games are at 11 a.m. and all soccer games are at 11:30 and they're all way, way outside the city. Oh, well. The poor little team they played today were just not very coordinated. Moe's team won something like 12-0. May not have been that much but I stopped counting at 7 goals. Our coach pulled a couple players out and instructed our boys to deliberately not score more goals. It was obvious when they started playing back down the opposite end of the field when they were about to score.

Larry's team didn't do as well with baseball but there's hope for improvement. They all said they had fun though which was nice.