Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hello, Margaret

Don't know if any of you are familiar with Ray Stevens and his comedic music to catch the reference in my blog title but I like it so there you go. Anyway...I know it's been quite a few days since I posted. That's because nothing much is going on around here except for life. School/work has been uneventful. Curly is still doing well and I am getting along nursing him usually once during the morning on a break. He's faked out his teachers a couple of times making them think he needs a bottle when I think he really didn't. Don't know why I am trying to hoard my little well fought for stash of breast milk when he's the whole reason I pumped it anyway. He should use it up as needed for that is the whole point. I just feel like I need to keep it for a "rainy day" but that's kinda stupid in the grand scheme of things. Anyway, Larry's basketball team finally tied a score at their game today. They all played really well and actually put a double digit score on the board. They've been beaten badly at every other game. Today they looked like a real team out there. Only a couple more games to go. Darn. Just as they were starting to play well together. There's always next year.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's a laugh riot

Tonight, for the first time, baby Curly laughed out loud several times. It was the most precious thing ever! We happened to be at a financial peace introductory class so I couldn't share with the Big Stooge, who happened to be sitting right next to me. It was after the video, during the sharing/questioning section so I thought he might have heard it, but he missed the whole thing. Too bad! Hopefully I can get him on video soon laughing and we'll post it. I was so impressed. He really is a genius, you know (tongue-in-cheek). Also, he's been sleeping like a champ at night for the past several nights. Last night he went to sleep at 9:30 p.m. and didn't wake up until 7:30 this morning. WOW!

We had a nice weekend. Larry played basketball with Upward again. His team is improving although they haven't won a game yet. There's a lot of pounding up and down the court and a lot of snatching away the ball if possible and not much scoring or technique. But it's fun to watch. This week there was a little gaggle of cheerleaders as well. They were so funny...all these little girls over in the corner with their uniforms and little green and white pom-poms. They seemed to be well rehearsed and even did a little one cheer half-time show. I, unfortunately, didn't have the camera with me so couldn't take a photo. I'll know next week, though.

Soon enough we'll start soccer again. Moe can hardly wait. Can't say that I blame him. He's really good and therefore it's fun for me to watch.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Welcome back, real world

So, can you tell we all started back to work and school this week? I haven't had enough time to dedicate to blogging this week and am just grabbing a moment to catch up a little before I hit the bed for some much needed rest. Actually, this week has gone swimmingly. Everyone has adjusted back to the regular routine and reentry wasn't so bad. Even Curly has been doing great and is back to sleeping through the night. In fact, last night was an eight hour stretch. It's so nice. Now, if I can just learn to go to bed right after he does I'll be doing fine.

The bigger boys brought home report cards today. Moe got all A's and all A+'s except for one. Moe doesn't have letter grades yet but he improved in all his marks or remained the same as before (which was good). We are very proud of them. Way to go, guys!

I have adjusted well back to school as well. It's fun being back with the kiddos and they didn't have any trouble transitioning from Ms. K to me. All in all it's gone much better than I anticipated. Curly has needed a bottle most every day but fortunately, I had enough milk stored that we haven't had to use formula yet. I am certainly not opposed to formula and have a distinct feeling we may have to go to that sooner than later simply because I cannot ever seem to get much from pumping. He's getting bigger though so surely things are going well. We go to the ped. on Tuesday for his four month check up. Tomorrow is his actual "birthay" so I try to take his photo and update if I can.

Ok. I am now taking my own advice and going to bed. My eyes can't stay open much longer. Good night, all.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

So, ok. Like, today is my birthday. It was a little ho-hum. Except that my two big boys came in and sang Happy birthday to me first thing when they woke up. It was a fantastic gift. I don't think they even realize it.

So the Big Stooge (hee, hee...I love saying that. I COULD just shorten it to B.S. but I really don't think that would be appropriate) took me to dinner tonight at one of the places I like best to go on special occasions. It isn't that it's that expensive. It's just that nobody in the family except me has a real appreciation for Thai food. And it was good. Curly did ok and went with us but Moe and Larry stayed home with two friends and played Wii, which they got for Christmas. Everyone did very well and were very well behaved.

About that Wii...My parents and brother went in together and got it for our family along with the sports game. Then Santa brought Rock Band 2. When the boys play Rock Band 2 they'll only let us play Eye of the Tiger. It's a hoot. They know this song pretty well anyway from the radio and since it is relatively easy it's the one they go with. Granted, they've let us experiment a little bit but when we all want to play together as a family, that's the one they want.

Larry, at first, refused to sing because he said he wasn't good at it but tonight when D and T came over, he got picked to sing because T couldn't read the words. (In fact, when we returned from dinner, the friends' dad, M, said that T thought the words to the song were "I love the tiger". Isn't that cute! He's only 5.) Moe played drums, and D played guitar. Because, let's be honest, everyone wants to play the guitar part. And so far, since we only just got this for Christmas, we only have one guitar and have to take turns. So, since company was over, they got to pick the parts. But at the end of the night, Larry was saying how great he was at singing and he loved the singing part. It was funny. He has no problem with self-esteem. He is "great" at lots of things in his opinion. He's right, actually.

So, this birthday is winding down and reminding me how old I am. Maybe from this point on, I'll go backwards on my birthday. I really don't care how old the calendar says I am. I don't feel 38. It just sounds so "mature" to actually say it. And I don't feel all that mature. Luckily, I am slightly less naive than I was at 22, 23, 25, 26...something like that but those years, for the most part were ok.

I really can't think of anything else to say right now. My 38 year old brain is getting pretty tired I think so I'll go to bed. Hopefully, Curly will sleep for extended hours tonight. I think he is still recovering from his cold. He's just not been himself for the past couple of days. Last night, with a six hour stretch, was the first time in a few weeks that he's slept longer than about three hours again.

Bon Voyage, 37. It's been real.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Happy New Year. Today was a beautiful day outside with temperatures in the comfortable-with-a-light-jacket range. The dismal, gray winter look was put on hold and the skies were blue with slight wispy white clouds. Not that we took advantage of it until late this afternoon. In fact, we mostly slept in because we all stayed up late to ring in the new year. The boys enjoyed watching the ball drop but what got their attention even more was some sports thing where some crazy stunt guy jumped on top of a building on a motorcycle and then dropped from the roof on the same cycle. But the clincher and the thing they HAD to have me watch was when the guy broke his hand in the freefall and blood was gushing out. Now that's the way to ring in the new year!

Larry came flying into my room at a few minutes past eleven shouting, "Happy new year, Mommy, happy new year! The ball dropped in New York so it's happy new year!" I didn't have the heart to tell him New York is an hour ahead of us and our new year wasn't started yet. Apparently he already knew though b/c he and Moe just had to stay up until midnight. Then Curly woke up at 1:30 something and then again at 4:30 something. Whatever happened to the few times around Thanksgiving that he slept for eight or nine hours straight at night? Granted he hasn't been feeling well for the past few days and sleep isn't exactly what he wants most of the time.

So well, this day has been a real struggle for me because of my bad habits. I have been trying to avoid sweets and soda. I am feeling my sugar addiction tempting, tempting me to go ahead and just have a little. So far, I have held off...mostly. At lunch/dinner I did have two sugar free chocolate chip cookies with just the tiniest bit of whipped cream for dessert and I ate good veggies and no fried stuff. Hopefully I can begin a new way of life with food and get some of this weight off. Don't hold your breath. I am taking it one minute at a time.