Friday, July 17, 2009

Future Olympians?

Our boys are fabulous and talented swimmers, if I may brag a little. They have both been on swim team for the past three summers and absolutely love it. We all do. The meets, although sometimes long and hot, are a lot of fun. It always seems the season ends just as we're getting into the groove of things. This season, the only competition remaining is Senior County. For it, a swimmer's personal best time must be as good as or better than a particular standard. The meet we had on Tuesday of this week was the Divisional meet. All six teams in our division swam against each other. Our team placed 2nd overall and got a nice trophy.

Larry and Moe had awards of their own and did very well. We are so proud of their efforts. Both are considering trying year round swimming.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Ten Months Old

I can hardly believe it's been ten months since I gave birth to Curly. The time has simply flown. I almost can't stand it. It's hard to think he'll be one very soon, especially since he's still pretty small really. I know several babies younger that are several inches taller and several pounds heavier. I know he's fine;he's just short. Like his daddy. And his grandaddy. So, happy birthday, Curly!

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Final Countdown

Larry's eighth birthday is one week from today and he is counting down the days, I'll tell you. This weekend we were at my parents' house in Mississippi and he and Nana decided to make a cake to celebrate. He got to help make it and ice it and decorate it. Poppa bought the mix and icing so he got the flavors he wanted but Larry really isn't picky so it worked out well. And we all had fun eating it. He wants to have a laser tag birthday party and if I can get it together we might actually do that. Nana and Poppa also bought him a portable CD player when he told them he'd listened to mine on the drive over to their house.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

We're in Mississippi at my parents' house. The boys have been having a blast with my brother. We saw Mammaw and Pappaw today and my uncle D. I took the boys to Wal Mart and they bought a few Pokemon cards. Why, oh why, do I let them do that? Anyway, I guess it's fine.

Curly had an extremely difficult time going to sleep tonight. Actually, he went to sleep easily around 8 p.m. but awoke suddenly about an hour later and was inconsolable. Finally he crashed back out around 11 p.m. I guess. I actually fell asleep with him in the recliner for a while so I don't know when he actually went to sleep. I hope I don't wake him when I get into bed. He's on a nice little soft pallet on the floor.

We will probably try to get Larry a cake for his birthday either tomorrow or Sunday. He will turn eight years old in ten days. I remember July 4th, 2001. I was home alone while Big Stooge had Moe out of town for a family reunion. I was due with Larry any minute and therefore wouldn't make the trip. (I think I was really due on 7/24 and nobody wanted to believe I might go into labor early but I wasn't taking the chance). I sat on my back patio (actually it was the neighbor's patio but nobody lived in that apartment at the time) in the rain and watched the local fireworks display and hoped that I wouldn't go into labor early. I didn't obviously, luckily for me. Can't believe that was eight years ago. My little Larry is growing up. They all are.

Hope your celebration is decked in red, white, and blue. Thanks to all my fellow Americans in the service. I appreciate what you do and have done for me! God bless America!